8 Tips for When You Lagged in Your Tax Return

If you have missed the deadline to file the tax return, do not be alarmed. Here are some tips from the IRS.

  • Present as soon as you can
    If you owe federal taxes, you must file and pay as soon as possible to reduce fines and interest charges. There is no fine for filing a late statement if a refund is due.
  • IRS Free File is your best option
    Everyone can use IRS Free File to file their tax return for free. If your income is $ 58,000 or less, you can use the free trademark software. If you earned more than $ 58,000 and feel comfortable preparing your own tax return, use the interactive Free File forms. This program uses electronic versions of paper IRS forms. IRS Free File is available until October 15 through IRS.gov.
  • IRS E-file is still available
    IRS E-file programs are available until October 15. E-file is the safest and most accurate way to present. With e-file, you receive confirmation that the IRS received your tax return. If you use e-file and receive a refund, the IRS will usually send it to you within 21 days.
  • Pay as much as you can
    If you owe taxes but cannot pay the total, pay as much as you can when filing the tax return. Pay the remaining balance as soon as possible to reduce fines and interest charges.
  • Make an online payment agreement
    If you need more time to pay your federal taxes, you can request an installment agreement with the IRS. The easiest way to do this is to apply online using the Electronic Request Tool for the Term Payment Agreement. You can also mail Form 9465, Application for a Term Payment Plan. Both the tool and the form are available at irs.gov.
  • There may be a refund waiting for you
    Si se le debe un reembolso, debe presentar lo más pronto posible para reclamarlo. Incluso si no está obligado a presentar puede tener derecho a un reembolso. Esto podría aplicar si usted tuvo los impuestos retenidos de su salario, o si califica para recibir ciertos créditos tributarios.

Source: www.irs.gov. Find answers frequently asked questions and resources to help you with your tax return: Resources & Links